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Member of Indian medical association (IMA) - Tamilnadu

Member of Indian association of clinical medicine (IACM) - Agra.

Member of Cardiology society of India (CSI).

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Dr. R. Manikanda Kumaran has a vast experience in the field of cardiology. Prior to his current position he worked as a consultant cardiologist in Meenakshi mission hospital in Madurai and also a resident in Department of cardiology in stanley Medical College Chennai. He is currently a consultant interventional cardiologist at Lister Heart Foundation in Nagercoil.

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Chest pain management

Cardiac intensive care management


Treadmill testing

Coronary Angiogram


Pacemaker insertion

Device closure

Management of valve diseases

Management of post bypass patients

Diabetes management


Clinical decision making& management of cardiac outpatients and inpatients

Acute care management of [coronary care in ICCU] cardiac patients.

Echocardiographic examinations including Trans thoracic, trans-esophageal, stress echocardiography in adults.

Cardiac catheterizations, coronary angiograms, pacemakers, & cardiac interventional procedures

Diagnostic coronary angiograms in native and post bypass saphenous and mammary graft situations

Formal training in the basic techniques of coronary angioplasties and Use of IABP and pacing in emergency situations.

work experience

2017 - Onwards

Lister Hospital

Currently working as Consultant interventional cardiologist in Lister heart foundation,Nagercoil.

Lister hospitals is a multispecialty health care centre which is started with a motto of "Rendering Quality & advanced health care at its best" to the rural population. It was started in the month of May 2012.It's a fifty bedded hospital, with 24 hours critical care centre and various health care disciplines with centralized A/C.

2016 - 2017

Meenakshi Mission Hospital

Junior consultant cardiologist in Meenakshi mission hospital Madurai.

Meenakshi Mission Hospital & Research Centre (S.R. Trust ), in pursuit of medical excellence, has been delivering world-class treatment, at an affordable cost. With over 700 beds, MMHRC has grown to be a multi-specialty hospital, touching lives in and around Madurai.

2013- 2016

Stanley Medical College, Chennai.

Resident in the department of cardiology.

The Stanley Medical College and Hospital today stand as one of the earliest and pioneering centre for Excellence in India for the field of Medicine. The quality and success emanating from the hundreds of stanleans in India and abroad is a true testimony to the teaching of their alma mater.

2011- 2013

Jeyasekharan Medical Trust Hospitals.

Consultant Physician.

The quality policy of the Jeyasekharan Medical Trust is to educate personnel, develop management systems and most importantly, offer quick, affordable, appropriate and safe Health Care to all patients in a clean, well-maintained institution.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is heart attack / myocardial infarction?

Heart attack so called in medical terms as myocardial infarction is death of heart muscle calls due to lack of blood supply which results from a block in the blood vessel supplying the heart.

How does a block occur in coronaries ?

Block occurs in blood vessel due to cholesterol deposition which is a gradual process which decreases the blood vessel lumen gradually. This is aggravated by formation of blood clot /thrombus at tthat'site which totally blocks the vessel and leads to cell death / heart attack or myocardial infarction.

What are the symptoms suggesting a heart attack?

When a patient developes heart attack he may experience a severe chest pain which continues despite routine local drug treatment .This pain may be associated with left hand shoulder pain associated with sweating, sometimes pt may have pain is jaw and neck also.

What should be done if patient has symptoms of heart attak?

Time is the most important factor in case of heart attack. So getting an ECG done and diagnosing the problem early is the key. The treatment is to open the blocked blood vessel and restore blood supply as early as possible.

What is the difference between medical management and angioplasty?

Drugs used to dissolve the block may be successful only is about 65 – 75% of cases.But in case of angioplasty the success rate is > 97%.

What is coronary angiogram and how it is done?

coronary angiogram is a test performed to detect any block in blood supply to the heart.

A small catheter is inserted through a blood vessel in hand or thigh and dye is injected into the coronary blood vessel through this tube.

What is done in angioplasty in case of acute heart attack?

Once the block is identified a wire is passed across the block and over the wire a suction catheter is taken and clot is aspirated. Then a so called stent is inflated and placed across the block to fully open up the blood vessel.This is done under direct visualization under fluoroscopy hence the success level is high.

What anaesthesia is given during the angioplasty procedure? How long does it take to recover         consciousness?

Angioplasty is done under local anaesthesia only at the airportte of needle puncture.patient is conscious throughout the procedure.

How long is bed rest recommended after angioplasty?

The patient will be normalized within I hour after procedure if it is done via hand and after 8 + 12 hours if it done via thigh.so long bed rest is not required.

Should one take drugs after angioplasty if so why and how long?

It is recommended that patient with heart attack should take drugs life long even after angioplasty.This is to avoid formation of any new block and to keep the stent patent.

What are the restrictions and advice to patient post angioplasty?

There are no much restrictions. Patient should avoid sternous exercise , avoid lifting heavy objects.otherwise he can lead his normal life.

What are the advantages of angioplasty over bypass surgery?

Angioplasty procedure is done under local anaesthesia but bypass is done under general anaesthesia.

In angioplasty patient may be conscious throughout the procedure ,while in bypass patient may be unconscious and recovery is late in postop.

In bypass chest bones are opened up for the procedure which is not required with angioplasty.

Post operative wound infection and healing are a problem with bypass and not with angioplasty.

Bed rest post procedure is prolonged in bypass and minimal with angioplasty.

Procedure time is short and block opened up immediately within minutes with angioplasty.

Patient comfort is very good with angioplasty.

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